CET Group Distributor Conference in Moscow

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The СET group of companies has been in the market for more than 26 years and has established itself as a reliable manufacturer and quality partner.

CET Group is actively developing, expanding its production capacity, testing and introducing the most popular and sought-after new spare parts, toners and cartridges for a wide range of printing equipment. In turn, the CET brand is gaining value around the world, which is confirmed by the receipt of awards and certificates. The СET trademark is registered in Russia, and the branded packaging protects consumers against counterfeits.

In March 2022, a two-day conference was held, timed to coincide with the 5th anniversary of the opening of the CET branch in Russia (CET also has a warehouse and Tech Support Center in Russia). The event targeted team-building and was strategic in nature. The conference was attended by representatives of CET distributors, from which consumers can purchase genuine CET products.

For an objective analysis of the economic situation, a presentation of the market conditions and to provide optimal/effective tools for business development, the speakers at the meeting were both representatives of CET Group and invited participants. The supply chain crisis is not an obstacle, it is an opportunity for growth, the main point is to have the right tactics and team approach!

The event was opened with a video message from CET Group President Steven Ma, who reassured everyone regarding CET being ready to support business in Russia.

Steven Ma guaranteed the consistency and the quality of goods from batch to batch, moreover, the market is waiting for innovative new products soon to be launched.

The invited speaker, Mikhail Khazin, a public figure, economist, publicist, blogger, TV and radio host, gave an overview of the economic situation in Russia and the world, highlighted the main economic risks and gave his forecast. During his speech, Mikhail underlined a positive trend for the Russian representations of Chinese companies. Cooperation between Russia and China has been strengthening for many years, and now our countries are pursuing a course towards the development of economic partnership. After the speech, the speaker received many questions from the audience, Mikhail answered all questions in detail.

General Director of CET Group Rus Anzhelika Knizhnik in her presentation outlined the principles of mutually beneficial cooperation for leadership positions in the print market. She said "As a result of the logistics crisis and the suspension of the activities of many OEMs due to unsatisfied demand, we are seeing an increase in demand for services. We must and will grow together with the spare parts and consumables market. Our production facilities have developed year by year, creating great opportunities for expanding our range and reaching consumers".

Nadezhda Dugan, brand manager of CET Group Rus, gave an overview of the equipment in the printing market, noting growth trends, main players and areas for possible growth and development with CET products.

Dmitry Mazurin, business consultant in the field of large-scale marketing, development and scaling of small and medium-sized businesses, gave a presentation on management decisions, and, coordination of plans and actions. In his speech, he also highlighted approaches to assessing competencies and creating a motivation system within the company to improve business efficiency.

Dmitry Skvortsov, General Director of the School of Critical Thinking, Ph.D. in Philosophy, an expert in the field of business education, held an interactive presentation and spoke about instruments of Critical Thinking for information analysis.

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