СET Group Russia is a recommended supplier of spare parts and consumables for printing equipment

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СET Group Russia was once again noted in the nomination for "BEST ENTERPRISE IN THE INDUSTRY 2022" according to the results of an expert assessment of financial and economic indicators of companies in the industry conducted annually by the Center for Analytical Research. An expert analysis was carried out among 3919 companies in the Russian Federation.

СET Group Russia has been a company recommended for doing business with since 2020, and according to the results of the ranking, it was included in the Rating of reliable partners. The result of the research indicates the reliability of the company and their dedication to their customers. An independent expert assessment confirms the excellent development dynamics of CET Group Russia, their financial stability and the company's impeccable reputation. This once again indicates that CET is a reliable strategic partner that you and your clients can always trust, including when participating in large, long-term projects. The stability of CET is manifested both in the quality of their products and in their business conduct, which is the foundation of successful projects for CET clients!

Anzhelika Knizhnik, General Manager of CET Group Russia, answered a few questions about CET's success in the Russian market.

The Russian branch of the international manufacturer CET Group has been in the market for 6 years, during which time the brand has become increasingly popular. What do you think is the reason for your success in the Russian market?

"I think it's hard to call our fairly quick adaptation to the current conditions just luck.

It is important to understand that our manufacturing company is not a partner of CET Group Russia, but the owner of a business in Russia. This means that the management of both the representative office and the parent company is maximally focused on leadership positions in any region they do business, using any market opportunity for its development, except for actions that are dubious for business reputation. This is the foundation that was laid not even from the first day of the company's existence, but from the very idea of developing business in Russia. Rapid development is possible only with the most efficiently run business. Highly qualified personnel, streamlined business processes and effective communication, both with our customers and with product production teams, helped us quickly adapt to changes in demand."

Why, in your opinion, should CET Group's offer be of interest to end users and service companies servicing printing equipment?

"The most obvious benefit for the end user is that for any office, the main goal is simply not to waste time and energy on printing. This is definitely not the side of office life that should occupy the minds of employees. The business models of many companies are being rebuilt. Everything is changing, from ideology to operating systems. You just have to be able to print a new contract, regulation or offer at any time. Simply - in black and white. Simply - at any time. Regardless of who is responsible for office printing and services in your company, your employee or outsourced, you need reliable availability, quality spare parts and consumables, with a clear, prompt and, most importantly, a real manufacturer's warranty. CET Group Russia provides you with this stability, both in products and in services for consumers. We guarantee that you will retain the level of comfort that once made you prefer the original. If you service the equipment on your own, you can always count on our warranty and on convenient user support information. If you partner with a service company to maintain the equipment, just ask what brands they work with. Believe me, a service company that prefers CET® products will have real focus on quality as a priority."

Why would СЕТ® be interesting to service companies?

"In fact, everything is consistent, from the stability of product characteristics from batch to batch, to our services. We provide convenient and efficient services, which I mentioned earlier, and moreover, we provide the information that will allow you to develop and expand your business. Our video tutorials, our technical seminars and webinars, our pre-sales and post-sales consulting are all information we provide that allows you to expand the professional competencies of your employees, increase your serviced equipment scope and, therefore, make the most effective use of your current circumstances to develop your business."

Why do more and more professionals choose СЕТ®?

"Today, many businesses are forced by necessity to change, some in order to survive, some in order to succeed. By choosing CET®, you choose not just spare parts for printing equipment, you choose an honest partner with transparent rules, risk sharing and respect for your level of resources."

CET Group is actively developing products and expanding production capabilities. CET is continuously testing and introducing the most popular and sought-after new spare parts, toners, cartridges and various components for a broad range of imaging equipment. The company has many patents for its products and does not use the patents of the original manufacturers. More about the manufacturer.

The CET trademark is registered in Russia, products have an individual branded initiative, which guarantees the protection of users from unfair promotions and fakes. To protect yourself from fakes, you can also get CET products from official distributors.

Professionals from over 170 countries use CET products.

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