The Arrival and Growth of the Intelligent Era: Leading Change, Shaping the Future

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In a recent annual conference, CET summarized its achievements in 2023 and expressed its expectations for the new year. Steven Ma, president and CEO of CET, addressed a speech on the conference demonstrating the idea that CET stressed innovation of the imaging industry.

Following is the transcript of the speech.

Time passes swiftly, much like water flowing easily by. In just a moment's notice, CET has journeyed through 27 years of changing seasons, and this year, we celebrate our 28th anniversary. Reflecting on the path we've traversed, we recall the challenging times, wading through the storm-battered mire. Against the backdrop of a new era, my team and I, united in spirit, have navigated through headwinds and endured trying periods. In the face of adversity, CET has managed to carve out significant achievements during tough times. In 2023, our international team successfully reached 95% of our 2022 sales target, with a profit increase of 103%. CET has efficiently marketed valuable products to esteemed customers, successfully achieving corporate profit objectives. Our products have carved out a distinctive brand identity in our industry globally.

CET summarized its achievements in 2023, Leading Change, Shaping the Future

Insights into the Age of Intelligence

The past three years, marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, did not slow down technological innovation; rather, they catalyzed a burst of new advancements in AI and artificial intelligence. These cutting-edge technologies are revolutionizing our problem-solving methods. Concepts like autonomous vehicles, smart healthcare, and intelligent cities, once considered futuristic, are now tangible realities enriching our lives and emerging as a new driving force of productivity. This newfound productive power is transforming every facet of society, seamlessly integrating into our everyday existence and accelerating human advancement at an unprecedented pace.

The imaging industry is no exception to this trend. With a focus on energy conservation and environmental sustainability, OEM manufacturers have been innovating to lower the melting point of toner in copiers and printers, and to increase the lifespan of components. Yields exceeding 200,000 pages are now the norm for drum units and fuser assemblies. Our compatible industry is encountering challenges like never before, but the swift progression of new technologies shines a ray of hope for CET. For any enterprise, adopting and developing new technological paradigms is a formidable task. Yet, it is these very challenges that are set to bring CET to the forefront of excellence. In the last three years, CET has significantly advanced its research and development, breaking new ground in OEM technologies and steadily moving towards intelligent production and testing processes. Our goal is to bring these innovative technological developments to market and into the hands of end-users, enabling people to reap the benefits of these groundbreaking advancements.

A Mindset Transformation for the Emerging World

In today's world, marked by rapid changes and extreme economic instability, alongside uncertain future economic prospects, warfare, currency devaluation, and geopolitical unpredictability, these risks necessitate a fundamental shift in thinking for business leaders. They must contemplate what constitutes appropriate new actions in this novel context. What does it mean to do the right thing? How does one make sound decisions? These challenges continually test the adaptability and foresight of corporate leaders in an ever-evolving global scenario.

CET summarized its achievements in 2023, Leading Change, Shaping the Future

Leaders must re-evaluate the interplay between thought and action in this new era. We are stepping into an age where our present and future business environments should be regarded as the new normal. Intelligent leaders are required to adopt novel perspectives and approaches to navigate and thrive in this uncharted world.

Adapting to the New Era

As we confront the onset of this intelligent era, clear and well-defined strategies are essential. Effective strategies are born from accurate perceptions and understandings. Take, for example, our long-life drum units, water foaming technology, and double-layer cleaning blades. These innovations are positive responses to the new era's challenges, positioning us to meet the market's demand for new technology products over the next 3-5 years. The successful implementation of these technologies not only bolsters our position in the competitive market but also solidifies our foundation for global brand strategy expansion. Looking forward, we plan to further promote the CET brand across global imaging channels and enhance our brand presence in developed markets like Europe and America. This approach is in line with the market's growing demand for long-lasting products, representing CET's strategic direction in embracing and overcoming the challenges of this new era.

Opening New Paths to the New World

Finally, amidst the rapidly evolving business landscape and the onset of the age of intelligence, we are poised to encounter a myriad array of opportunities and challenges. In this scenario, the pursuit of new directions is not merely an observation but a crucial guiding principle for businesses.

So, how do we embark on this quest for new directions? The first step, as previously discussed, is a paradigm shift in our thinking. We must nurture an open and progressive mindset, daring to challenge the status quo and explore uncharted possibilities.

Innovation stands as the pivotal growth catalyst within these new paths. It can manifest in various forms, including product, service, process, and business model innovations.

Given the unpredictability of the market, businesses must exhibit heightened adaptability and flexibility. In navigating new directions, the ability to swiftly respond to market fluctuations and dynamically adjust strategies and operations is vital. This adaptability encompasses not just reacting swiftly to external changes but also the internal realignment of processes and cultural ethos.

It is in light of the myriad challenges and opportunities presented by this new era that I encourage all CET staff to engage in continuous learning, to adapt to novel environments, and to stay primed for the unforeseen. This journey of mindset evolution is relevant to individuals, organizations, and society at large. Additionally, fostering an innovative culture that motivates employees to embrace new perspectives is essential in driving our company's progress and in adapting to the complex and fluctuating global landscape.

CET summarized its achievements in 2023, Leading Change, Shaping the Future

Embracing New Activism — Taking Action Beyond Plans and Speculations

Amidst global apprehensions of a potentially worsening economy, our strategy is to strike a delicate balance: neither too defensive nor excessively aggressive.

Chinese companies are currently navigating a critical juncture characterized by cyclical 'shifts', the collapse of old norms, and the emergence of new rules. These shifts, in essence, define our times, revealing true outcomes and performances in adversity.

These shifts are driven by a myriad of factors: some short-term, others long-term; some certain, others uncertain; encompassing both global dynamics and domestic realities. Issues such as geopolitical conflicts, technological protectionism, environmental crises, the advent of generative AI, demographic shifts like aging populations and increasing singleness, are all playing a part. These layered factors are fragmenting the decades-old mainstream logic and rules of Chinese society, indicating our transition into a new era.

In this new world, a fundamental business truth stands out: 'The best way to predict the future is to create it.'

'New Activism' signifies adapting to this era of tumultuous change and uncertain prospects. The optimal stance might be to avoid being overly optimistic, pessimistic, or speculative. Instead of questioning what the future holds, we should spend a few minutes each day in introspection: What kind of future do we envision? How can we actively shape the future we desire?

Looking ahead, CET will persist in its strategy of 'continuous improvement and relentless innovation', not just in technological realms but also in our thinking and cultural ethos. I am confident that with our collective efforts, we will not only endure in this era of intelligence but also thrive and grow amidst these transformations.

Thus, I extend an invitation to every CET team member, our valued customers, and our esteemed suppliers: Let us join forces in the intelligent era, navigating its challenges to co-create a promising and beautiful future together!

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