Development Milestones


  • CET first opens in the greater Beijing area with a construction space of 260,000 square feet.


  • CET establishes its technology center.


  • CET obtains an ISO9001 Quality System Certificate and establishes its testing center.


  • CET opens four more branches in Zhongguancun Demonstration Area, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Xi’an, respectively.


  • CET USA Inc. opens in the greater Boston area.


  • CET establishes an environmental chamber for testing, as well as several dust-free factories.


  • CET obtains its ISO 14001 environmental management system certification, as well as its RoHS and CE certifications for nearly 500 of its products.


  • CET opens up a branch in Singapore.


  • CET changes its corporate name from "China Eternal Copiers Technology Co., Ltd." to "CET Group Co., Ltd."
  • CET invests in the chip production.
  • CET celebrates its 20-year anniversary.


  • CET establishes a subsidiary in Russia.
  • CET establishes a subsidiary in Dubai.


  • CET establishes a subsidiary in Japan in June, and enters into conventional toner manufacturing.
  • CET Group acquires Q2, LLC, a US based competitive office imaging parts and supplies distributor.
  • CET Imaging Technology Co. Ltd. officially opens in October. It covers an area of 980,000+ square feet and adopts the world's leading inventory system and advanced automatic production lines to further improve production capacity and product quality, and provide more reliable and high-quality products and services to customers around the world.


  • CET Japan conventional toner line is put into production.


  • Implements advanced lean production management system learned in Japan
  • Converts to SAP, one of the world's top ERP companies, ensures highly efficient, standardized production management
  • 25th year of CET establishment


  • A recognized leader in the OA imaging industry
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